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Those of us in the music field began our careers because we loved music. Many might be considering a career in music at this very moment. The fact is, lots of people love music. However, musicians love it enough to dedicate their lives to it.

Which leads me to my point – love isn’t enough. Having a love for music may have peeked your interest in the art, but its not enough to ensure your career. There are many aspects that go into the making of a professional musician. Talent is most likely the first thing that comes to mind. But simply put - without any musical talent, being a successful, professional musician is impossible. Sorry to state the obvious, but you cannot teach talent and talent cannot be learned. And even talent isn’t enough! Even if you have love for the craft and you have talent in the craft, it still isn’t enough!

You may be thinking – wow, what a tough read and an incredibly difficult road ahead….

But, in order for success to have a chance, you must also have these qualities:

  • Ambition/Drive

  • A great work ethic

  • Enthusiasm to learn and enthusiasm to perform/teach

  • The ability to take chances/opportunities

  • The ability to make opportunities

  • Diligence, even when it's a difficult task at hand

  • A will to succeed

  • Patience

I was always taught the three D's of success: desire, dedication & determination. Which, if you read my list above, contain many if not all of those qualities. And I'm am sure there are many other qualities that someone could possess and can add to this list, but the qualities listed above are absolutely necessary for success - at any level. Do you have these qualities?

Remember, love and talent are not enough. It’s a good start though…..

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