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The Upper Range Boot Camp Challenge

Maynard Ferguson

I like to to push the limites of what I can do. Play louder and softer than I think I can, play higher and lower, shorter and longer, etc. I find that pushing myself leads to great discoveries, or just reminders of things I have already forgotten.

When it comes to range buidling, the one thing I always ask my students is "How many times do you play in the upper range each day?" I always get the same answer.... My explanation is simple - how many times in a day do you play middle C? Is middle C difficult? If you want to play higher, then you need to play in that range set more often. You need to feel more comfortable doing it. And by doing it, you will gain confidence and the necessary technique to do it properly.

So, I challange you to try the upper range boot camp. I promose nothing except frustration and fun! (exactly what the trumpet is all about!!!!). But, you will be challanged and as a result you will learn new things about your playing, relearn things that you forgot, and perhaps gain better confidence in the upper range.

It doesn't matter what your range is currently. Everyone will benifit. You do not have to have a spectacular range to begin with. In fact, those without a great range will probably benefit the most!

Join me in the Upper Range Boot Camp Challenge!

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